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AEB OX Power Plant

When you need emergency electricity due to storms, blizzards or the decaying Electrical Grid, the AEB OX Power Plant can provide you with hours or days of comfort and security. It stores easily in the garage and can be brought into the house easily to run your necessary appliances. It can also be tied into your electrical system to run a multitude of lights and appliances.

The AEB OX Mini Power Plant was used all night long to run 10 flood lights on a fishing boat and then ran a 20 cubic foot refrigerator for 20 hours. Its marine grade construction helps protect it in seaside environments.

The AEB OX Mini Power Plant was designed to meet your needs.
  • Powerful with 200 Amp Hours and 3000 Watts
  • Deep Cell AGM batteries with cooling system for longer life.
  • Portable, with a trolley system and handle that allows access to anywhere.
  • Can charge with any standard 110 outlet or solar.
(Unlike many Solar Generators that take days to recharge because they can only be recharged with solar panels, the AEB OX Mini Power Plant can be recharged in about five hours with a 110 outlet.)

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AEB OX Power Plant (198 lbs)
  • 2- 100 amp hour AGM batteries= 200 AMP hours total
  • 1- 3000 watt inverter - (6000 peak watts)
  • 1-20 AMP battery charger that allows the unit to be recharged with any 110 outlet.
  • 1- Volt meter- shows that the battery cells are good /dead
  • 1-receptacle outlet has 2 "plug ins"--the outlet is rated for 15 AMP maximum
  • 1-15 AMP Reset switch that protects the unit from overload.
  • 1-Fan to provide air cooling during recharge and aids in prolonging battery life.
  • 1-Marine Grade Switch - the switch has 3 settings that will allow you to run your pack:
  • Setting 1- power the receptacle from the energy in your pack
  • Setting 2- power the receptacle using the energy from a CONNECTED Piggy-Back
Setting 1/2- If a Piggy-Back is connected to your pack, this setting will allow user to increase the amount of AMP hours added. Power is being supplied by the AEB OX Power Plant while being replenished/recharged by the Piggy-Back.

2 Solar Panel System

With built-in quality, proven superior field performance, and a tight power tolerance, we are proud to offer the Kyocera KD240GX-LPB polycrystalline solar panel. The module's black anodized frame makes it an enticing option for architects, homeowners and business owners interested in curb appeal. The module's sturdy structure makes it the right choice if harsh weather conditions are a major concern.

Kyocera is a trusted name that has been in the renewable energy field for over 35 years. Known for their quality and continuous commitment to improvement, they warranty their modules for 20 years.

2 - 135 Watt Solar Panels
1 – 20 Amp Solar Charger/Controller
30’ of Cable

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The KD240GX-LPB can be used for a variety of other applications including:
  • Microwave / Radio repeater stations
  • Electrification of villages in remote areas
  • Power source for summer vacation homes
  • Emergency communication systems
  • Water quality and environmental data monitoring systems
  • Pumping systems for irrigation, rural water supplies and livestock watering
  • Desalination systems
* Recreational vehicles and sailboat charging systems

Piggy Back 100

Increase the AEB OX Mini Power Plant from 200 amp hours to 300 amp hours with the Piggy Back 100.

AEB OX Mini Power Plant with the Piggy Back 100

  • One – 100 amp hour AGM gel battery = 100 amp hours of stored energy
  • One - piggyback connector
  • One - Voltage meter
  • One - 10 aMP battery charger
Introductory Offer: $899.00
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Piggy Back 200

Increase AEB OX Mini Power Plant from 200 amp hours to 400 amp with the Piggy Back 200. For nearly unlimited electricity, you can have the Piggy Back 200 recharge the AEB OX while the AEB OX is running your necessary appliances. Once the AEB OX Mini Power Plant is recharged, recharge the Piggy Back 200 with our two-panel solar system.

AEB OX Mini Power Plant with the Piggy Back 200
  • Two - 100 amp hour AGM gel batteries= 200 AMP hours of stored energy
  • One - piggyback connector
  • One Voltage meter
  • One - 20 amp battery charger
    Retractable handle rated for 400 pounds
  • Trolley system
Introductory Offer: $1499.00
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